Kashmiri Saffron Original ( 5 Gram ) | Kashmiri Pure Kaser (5 Gram)


    • Weight Of Pure saffron   5 gm

    • Estimated Arrival: Between 7-10 Days in India

    • Availability: Ships Internationally
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    • Hygienically Tight  Packed, our Kashmiri Saffron Orginal  gives you a taste as well as Smell that is incomparable to any other Online Saffron Company
    • A beautiful, compact, modern pack encloses the finest and Fresh Field saffron available, handpicked And preprocessed, dried under controlled and Hygenic conditions and Air Tight  sealed to ensure retention of flavor and color for a long time, this %gram pack is perfect for people who use saffron occasionally.

    Kashmiri Saffron, one of the oldest and the most expensive spice in the world, is a dried stigma of crocus sativus flowers, a small Flower, which is found only in three regions in the entire Globe; Kashmiri, Iranian and Spanish are only Region In The World Where The Saffron Can Be Found. Iranian Saffron has a bright color and distinctive flavor while as Kashmiri Saffron Has Very Deep Red Colour and Its Fragrance Will, Spanish saffron (which is of two types: Spanish Coupe saffron and Spanish superior saffron) is the most common saffron, also easiest to find, and has a strong color and aroma. Considered the world’s most potent type of this spice, Kashmiri Kesar has an extraordinary Smell and adds powerful Red, Yellow and Purple colors and flavors to your recipes. Kashmiri Kesar Are available in mainly Two Types (“ lacha Saffron” and “Mogra Saffron”), the strongest-flavored variety of saffron, is the world’s finest saffron and the most expensive as it is difficult to obtain A hundred kg of fresh flowers yield about three kilograms of saffron. It is dark red in color and has long perfect strands.


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    Bharat Kesar Company
    Bharat Kesar Company
    Kashmiri Pure Kaser 5 Gram
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