Welcome To Bharat Kesar Company 

We Bharat  Kesar company are family owned business, keeping alive tradition  that spans over 67 years in selling one of the most delicate and finest spice in the world”SAFFRON”.an immense wealth of knowledge and expertise os saffron that has transcended three generations has helped our company  in procuring the best quality saffron available in market

                                                       Saffron(crocus sativus)is said to have originated in Greece and spread to other parts of the world.Saffron requires specific climatic conditions to flourish.Therefore  priced saffron  with the best flavors and richest colors are available only from a few regions of the world such as Kashmir and Iran  

                                Bharat kesar company brings you the finest hand-picked pure and genuine saffron.since three generation we have been selling the best quality saffron to connoisseurs word wide.we select the finest stigma,process each one by hand to remove the yellow style and then pack it in a humidity controlled environment. hygienically packed, our saffron gives you a taste as well as aroma  that is incomparable to any other

We are the oldest wholesaler of saffron in India.You are in for the best saffron buying experience yet!

Our motive is to make trust not to make money

101,Namblabal Pampore 192121,srinagar Kashmir (India)


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